Our Strategy

Growth Strategies

Proactive Management

We aim to be the landlord of choice for both existing and prospective tenants. We engage in proactive tenant management through regular dialogue with our tenants to better understand their key business needs, giving out small treats to delight them; planning events and activities to increase their “green” awareness and creating opportunities for networking. We also actively seek to maximise income received, through our car park charges and non-rental income sources such as advertising panels and casual leasing. On top of these, we manage property expenses prudently to ensure healthy earnings.

Strategic Repositioning

We constantly seek opportunities to improve the performance of CCT’s properties through strategic repositioning. Our repositioning initiatives include strategic asset enhancement work to increase the property’s value, or reconfiguring the tenancy mix to update the property’s offerings. In this way, we could deliver higher value to our unitholders.

High Quality Acquisition

We focus on acquiring assets that are DPU-accretive and provide potential for CCT's asset growth. These are well-located high-quality commercial buildings which may be acquired from third party vendors as well as CapitaLand.

Leveraging Our Strengths

In the execution of our growth strategies, we are able to leverage on many strengths. We have enjoyed the strong leadership of our experienced management team, coupled with a substantial pipeline of investment opportunities from the CapitaLand Group. In addition, we also have privileged access to CapitaLand’s real estate platform. This include experience and expertise in design, project management, investment, marketing and leasing, property management to fund management and business network, ultimately giving us a leading edge in the industry. With these advantages, we are confident that we will be able to consistently deliver sustainable growth and higher value to our unitholders.