Management Team

Mr Kevin Chee Tien Jin
Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director

Kevin is responsible for the strategic management and growth of CCT. Reporting to the Manager's Board of Directors, he is committed to delivering stable investment returns to Unitholders. Together with the Board, he charts CCT's future directions, working closely with his management team to ensure that the Trust's day-to-day finance, investment and asset management strategies are executed according to its mission and corporate social responsibility objectives. His experience is detailed in the Board of Directors' section. Kevin has been with CCTML since March 2015 and took over as CEO from 1 November 2017.


The Finance team supports CCT's investment and asset management strategies through quarterly financial reporting, budgeting, implementation of treasury and taxation policies, as well as sourcing and management of funds for the Trust's ongoing operations and acquisitions.

Ms Anne Chua

Head, Finance

Anne is responsible for CCT's financial management functions and oversees treasury, accounting and capital management. Anne draws on her extensive regional experience in finance and treasury with banks, locally listed and multinational companies. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the National University of Singapore, a Master of Applied Finance from Macquarie University of Australia and a Master of Professional Accounting from the Singapore Management University. Anne has been with CCTML since January 2009.

Investment and Asset Management

The Investment and Asset Management team expands and optimises CCT’s property portfolio mix through strategic acquisitions, asset enhancements and environmentally sustainable initiatives to realise CCT’s portfolio value potential. It identifies and analyses potential investment targets, and evaluates alternative investment and asset holding structures to enhance the Trust’s total investment returns. It also identifies potential divestment targets to enhance the value of the Trust, directs asset enhancement exercises to maximise rental income, and fosters close ties with tenants to understand and meet their needs. The team also works with the Property Managers to execute asset strategies, boost rental and non-rental incomes and manage operating expenses.

Mr Chew Peet Mun

Head, Investments

Peet Mun leads the Investment and Asset Management team at CCTML and is concurrently Head of Investment and Portfolio Management (Commercial) for CapitaLand Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Peet Mun has been with CCTML since March 2008. Peet Mun's experience in finance and real estate spans over 15 years. Prior to CCTML, Peet Mun was Vice President of CapitaLand Financial Services Limited where he helped establish and manage various CapitaLand-sponsored private funds and real estate investment trusts in Singapore and Malaysia. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (First Class Honours) from the National University of Singapore and was a recipient of the Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal and MAS Book Prize.

Investor Relations and Community Engagement

The Investor Relations and Community Engagement team ensures clear and timely communications with Unitholders and stakeholders through various communication channels. The team engages investors, media and analysts through regular meetings, conferences and events, and produces communication collaterals such as press releases, annual reports and presentations. The team is responsible for CCT's website and the "live" webcast of financial results, and works closely with the Property Managers to plan programmes as part of tenant communication.

Ms Ho Mei Peng

head, investor relations and community engagement

Mei Peng brings more than 15 years of experience in managing investor relations and communications. She has been instrumental to the Trust's communication and liaison activities, and is responsible for the delivery of timely and up-to-date information to the investing community. Mei Peng graduated with an Honours degree in Japanese Studies from the National University of Singapore. Mei Peng has been with CCTML since March 2006.